Pip & Tom's Hawke's Bay Wedding

I love weddings! There is something so special about capturing a couple's special day - as a photographer, I fully recognise how you are such an important contributor too. You wear a lot of hats other than the photographer too.... organiser (getting everyone's timing synced on the day), cheerleader (providing banter/encouragement/lols/a sympathetic ear as necessary), loudspeaker (corraling those family shots post ceremony), but there is no better feeling!

Here's an example of a Hannah Webb Wedding - Pip and Tom got married in the beautiful Hawke's Bay, just a couple of weeks before the world went into lockdown. I love a mixture of documentary, candid shots intermingled with some gently posed shots out in the beautiful outdoors! i'm always aiming to keep things relaxed and get some real laughs, and to help you capture the memories as the day races by.

Guys getting ready (complete with a line-out to get an avocado off the tree, and a classic 'doing up the shoe' shot with a bit of a spin....)

Bridal Party getting ready

Gals Getting ready - lots of laughter, some impossible to put on earrings and some pretty cute wee flower girls! I love the reveal the dress moment with the bridesmaids, and a wee practice walk down the aisle vibe at the end, nailed it.

The Ceremony

The ceremony - complete with a slight mishap of the arch collapsing right when the wedding party started down the aisle!! Luckily the Groomsmen stepped up to the job and kept it up throughout, good job lads! Also ft their gorgeous wee boy Charlie, such a cutie. When I shoot a wedding, I make sure I capture all the angles and gorgeous moments, complete with candid guest shots.

Bridal Party and Location Shots

Such a great bunch of people in the wedding party who were up for anything and we had lots of fun along the way. Always up for a rustic farm vibe, and this gorgeous wheat coloured field was right beside the venue, dream result from the lovely Cape Estate Te Awanga. I love to capture a range of both posed and natural candid vibes at this stage of the day - it's always a lot of laughing and fun with a super relaxed vibe!