25 ideas to get your in home photos popping with fun and candid vibes!

I absolutely love an in home shoot - everyone relaxes and feels less need to pose in front of the camera, everything you need is at your fingertips, and best of all, you have a record of what life was like when your kids were still young. What their bedrooms look like, what their favourite toys are, the furniture and art - it might all be part of the ordinary now, but one day it’ll be 20 years later and you’ll love having those little details to look back on. To add even more fun and variety to a family photography session, it can be a great idea to come up with a few activities to keep everyone interested and playful! As an Auckland Photographer I know that with Auckland weather you rarely know what you will end up with on the day, so here is a mix of indoor and outdoor activities for an in home family session! 

  1. Board Games: Bring out your fave board games or have a game of Charades.
  2. Indoor Picnic or Tea Party: Spread a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic or tea party with your kid’s favourite toys 
  3. Snack time! Incorporate some of these foods that look cool on camera - big wedges of watermelon, ice creams, colourful ice blocks, donuts and get the kids to help you prep them by choosing sprinkles etc 
  4. Arts and Crafts: Get messy with some finger painting or handprints, or show me your best drawing of mum & Dad!
  5. Tea or Coffee Time: Enjoy a quiet tea or coffee and hot choc time together, and sit on the deck or front step

A photograph of a father and son at hone on their doorstep.  Natural Family photo
A girl in a pink dress picking flowers.  Natural at home family photographer Auckland
  • Building a Fort: Build a blanket fort, fairy lights, pillows and toys are welcome!
  • Bubble Bath or Kitchen Sink Bath - perfect for toddlers, or a bath for a newborn baby is an absolutely gorgeous moment to capture too (if they are into it!)
  • Bedtime Document the kids' bedtime routine, getting on your jammies, brush your teeth, carry you to bed, book time, picking your toy to go to bed with…what could be more gorgeous to have captured forever
  • Gardening - and by gardening this generally means picking flowers or fruit, or getting dirty, but embrace it and get the gumboots on!
  • Fashion Show - Try on Mum’s Wedding Dress, or grown up clothes and shoes - I recently did a wedding dress try on with my 3 year old girl in front of the mirror at home, and she loved it! 

Girl swinging around a washing line.  Auckland central in home family photographer
Baby going up in the air with dad.  Relaxed Family Photographer Auckland
Toddler reading book with Mum and Baby.  Candid Family portraits Auckland
  • Pajama Party: Take pictures in your pajamas, enjoying a lazy morning, maybe even add in some pancake making with the whole family for some gorgeous natural photos 
  • The Family Pets or Animals - take them for a wee walk, show me their awesome tricks, feed the pets/ farm animals if you’re rural or just give them some snugs
  • Wheels day - show some skills on the bikes, skateboards, rollerblades - the more 90s vibes the better :)
  • Paddling Pool - (or swimming pool if you’re lucky enough to have one) - get into togs, blow up the inflatables and go crazy. Adults get into their togs too!
  • Sprinkler or Slip n Slide - more on the budget friendly and less admin side of watersports - running through the sprinkler or sliding down the slip n slide gives totally nostalgic vibes and I’m here for it! 
  • The Floor is Lava - Great for some live in home action shots (as long as you’re not too precious about the furniture)
  • Dress ups - Celebrate the end of a great session by meeting the kids choose their best dress up outfit …9 times out of 10 it’s going to be Elsa and Spiderman I’m guessing
  • Trampoline - Get Elsa and Spiderman on the trampoline if you have one! 
  • Backyard Sports - Get a classic game of Backyard Cricket, Rugby or even tag going for some awesome candid moments
  • Roast Marshmallows - If you have an outdoor fire or brazier and some sticks, channel the summer camp stories from the states and enjoy some roasted marshmallows or smokes!

family putting on gumboots for the backyard.  Candid in home Auckland Photoshoot
Mum giving son a piggyback on deck.  Family fun candid photography Auckland Greenlane
in home doorstep mother and father cuddling kids.  Natural family photos in Ponsonby Auckland
  • Look at old Photo albums - If there’s one thing kids love, it’s looking at photos of themselves when they were little, or even Mum & Dad when they were little. If they aren’t too keen on sitting still, they’ll often sit down for this one to show me them when they were little!
  • Recreate an Old Fam Photo - Just for kicks and giggles!
  • Photos with your favourites toys - the more ragged and loved, the better. Just in case you end up dropping them Kmart one day like I did 
  • Musical Instruments - If anyone in the fam plays any sort of instrument ranging from a grand piano through to a Maraca, it makes for a gorgeous family shot, especially if there’s dancing! 
  • And lucky Number 25! Dance Party - follows on well from Musical Instruments - let each kid choose their favourite song and get in there and boogie alongside them! Don’t worry, I’ll dance too.

Family and kids at home on verandah.  Candid family photos Ponsonby