My Top 7 ways to help make a Family, Maternity or Newborn Photoshoot more affordable!

We've all heard the news about the state of the economy in New Zealand at the moment, and as we fork out $7 for an Iceberg lettuce, we look for other ways to bring down costs, or cut out the things that aren't necessities. But in my mind, it would be so sad to have to lose those memories and capturing those kiddos, so let's explore some ways you can make your next photoshoot more affordable.

newborn session woman on bed with baby Auckland
maternity Auckland photoshoot pregnant woman in Cornwall Park
Auckland mini session family photoshoot, family dancing

1) Keep it local to your Photographer

Most photographer's will have locations that will have travel fees to get to, and those that will be more local to them that are free to shoot at. I have a Location Guide which shows each of my locations, and what the travel fee will be if there is one. So if you lived locally to Greenlane, there would be no travel charge, and the same applies for my Cornwall Park/One Tree Hill locations, and city beaches like St Heliers and Pt Chevalier.

2) Ask for a Payment Plan

My packages are broken down into a Session Fee which is paid before your session, and a package fee which is paid after you receive your photos. Every photographer is different, but most would be open to the idea of paying your package fee off over an agreed number of weeks, or using a company like Afterpay etc. I am very happy to split your payments over a number of agreed weeks, and the final photos will be delivered after your last payment has been made :)

3) Mini Sessions!

Mini Sessions are a great way to capture the different milestones and ages of your kids, without the full price tag. Follow your photographer on social media and ask them to be added to the list for their next mini session dates.

4) Use the Client Wardrobe

I have over 20 gorgeous outfit options for Mamas in my Client Wardrobe, and they are hand picked by me because they photograph beautifully. Save time and money by borrowing one of my dresses for your family, maternity or newborn photoshoot. I also have a range of newborn and 0-3 outfits which can be used too.

natural newborn photoshoot in home, baby lying down Auckland
baby newborn lying on bed with sibling. Auckland in home photoshoot
Auckland family walking through forest family photoshoot

5) Gifting

Ask your family or friends to donate a voucher or some funds towards your newborn photoshoot in lieu of a gift, ask hubs to make it part of your Birthday/Valentines/Christmas err Easter present (get creative haha). You might be lucky enough to have a company or work place that wants to do a gift for you as a Maternity/Baby gift, so send them my way for a gift voucher of any denomination towards your photoshoot. Plus, on the other side, you can use the photos you get from our session, as a cost effective way to gift presents to other family members - what Grandparents wouldn't love a Family Photo for their shelf!

6) DIY or ask a friend to do your Hair & Make Up

Most people have that one friend or family member that has all the great make up and loves a chance to glam. You could swap them some baking or babysitting to return the favour!

7) Model Calls

If your photographer is anything like me, they'll have a number of creative shoots floating around in their head that they would love to create one day! Follow them on Social Media and keep an eye out for any posts where they may be looking for a model or model family to help bring their vision to life, and you may be rewarded with images for your time!