1) Earlier Sunsets!

This is the best time of the year to photograph young families, because with the shorter days you can get all the gorgeousness of the sunset and finish up by 5:30pm, just in time for the dinner/bed routine. It also works really well for an extended family session that might have a range of ages present, and a lot of schedules to work to!

2) Beautiful Winter Light

Golden hours are longer and just seem more goldy and epic at this time of the year. In the winter, light tends to be more soft and subtle and looks good on everyone!   Plus when you get a sunset with some dramatic clouds in the sky it will elevate your family or maternity photos even further by adding extra drama and mood!  If you are more of a sunrise type of fam then you are more likely to get the gorgeous mist and fog in the mornings too!

3) Fewer People around

Every man and his dog is out at the beaches like Pt Chev, St Heliers and Piha or the likes of Cornwall Park during Summer, so if you are after a bit more of a laid back quiet vibe for your session, without any audience, then winter is the perfect time for a session.

4) Cozy winter wardrobes

Knitwear, coats, scarves and hats add beautiful textures and depth to your session, and with little tweaks throughout by removing and adding them back in as needed you can get a lot of variety in your session.  Add a chunky knit to your gown for your maternity session, layer a denim jacket or tan coat over your family session outfit, and pop some cute wooly hats or chunky knits on your wee kids for the cutest vibe.

5) Movement & Hugs to beat the chills

If it’s a chilly Auckland afternoon for your family photoshoot, then we will alternate between keeping things nice and active and busy to keep everyone warm, and keeping nice and close with hugs for everyone.  Going to new little spots, climbing on rocks, swinging round with Mum and Dad or snuggling up under a blanket are all going to create beautiful natural shots, while keeping everyone warm!

baby photoshoot Auckland family photography Cornwall park
family photoshoot natural candid baby Auckland one tree hill

6) Rescheduling is not a problem!

Of course, not every day in winter (or in Summer for that matter) is google to play ball weather wise.  I’ll keep in contact with you during the week leading up to your session, and if it looks like unfavourable conditions (high winds, rain etc), then we will reschedule your session as soon as we find a date that works for everyone.  Another option is to consider an in home session if the weather doesn’t work.  In Home sessions produce such a slice of life memory for you to