Towards the end of your pregnancy you might not feel like a goddess, but a Maternity Photoshoot is something you will always treasure looking back on. From capturing those last family photos before the new arrival, to looking and feeling amazing, check out my top reasons to consider capturing your pregnancy with some photos.

1) Celebrate the most epic thing your body can do

You are growing and creating a human. It's so mind boggling to me when you actually stop and think about, and absolutely a thing of magic. You are a creator, a magician and a legend, and you deserve to have something that you can look back on an treasure to celebrate this amazingness

2) A photoshoot just for you!

When else will you do a photoshoot that are just of you and for you? I hope the answer is over and over again, but the truth is women hardly ever prioritise getting themselves in front of the camera to celebrate themselves. It's always about the kids! Imagine coming away from a shoot and having some photos where you think wow, that's me and I look amazing, and always having them to look back on.

3) Get some family shots before the big arrival!

If this is baby #2, or even if you currently have just the two of you or a fur baby, this is the perfect chance to commemorate your wee fam with some beautiful shots before the baby comes. If you have a kiddo already they will enjoy feeling special and getting some shots just with Mum , and it can be a beautiful part of the journey. All of my Maternity Shoots include photos with your immediate family, fur babies and your partner, but you're also welcome to just keep it to you if you wish!

4) Somewhere to put your hands, and no sucking in required haha

There are lots of easy and natural poses I can show you for your Maternity Photoshoot - and showing off that beautiful bump ensures you always have something to do with those hands! Feeling awkward or nervous before a photoshoot is totally normal, but I'm here to support you and make you feel amazing throughout the shoot, and will be giving you tips on how to stand, where to look and try get some laughs out of you throughout the shoot. And if there's ever a time to do some nude maternity photos or a belly out shot, now is the time :)

5) Feeling better about being Pregnant

Many women have tough pregnancies, from facing complications, to being really sick, or to feeling like you lose a part of the life that you used to have. A pregnancy photoshoot helps you have positive feelings about your pregnancy, and the goal is to make you feel gorgeous and amazing. I love hearing feedback from a maternity shoot because I hear the most amazing comments about how empowered, confident and awesome they feel after the photos.

Auckland Piha Beach Pregnancy Photographer
auckland maternity beach photoshoot
Auckland Maternity Beach Photographer

6) The Client Wardrobe, or however you want to style it!

There are so many different looks you can go for with a Maternity or pregnancy photoshoot, and I have over 20 client wardrobe dresses and robes you are welcome to wear for free as part of your photoshoot. Go luxe in a huge tulle gown at Muriwai, Pop on a sheer robe or go nude at Bethells, wear a boho or lacy gown at One Tree Hill or an Auckland park or keep it super simple and wear an open shirt and some unbuttoned jeans at home - the possibilities are endless and I would love to chat through your vision for the session!

7) The discount!

If you book both your Maternity and Newborn photoshoots with me you receive a discount - enquire to find out more! There is nothing more special than getting the privilege of meeting you and capturing your pregnancy, and then getting to see you again and meet the beautiful little person that was in the bump shots. If you feel a bit nervous about photos, having someone you have already gotten to know with your maternity photography session can make things nice and relaxed for your newborn shoot.