What you wear does matter!

The right outfit choices are a really important part of pulling the shoot together and styling your Family photographs to help you shine - the goal here is not to have everyone wearing white and denim, but to have complementary colours that look like this magic just kinda got thrown together et voila, you looked amazing! And don't forget - Auckland Weather is fickle at best, so always bring some warm layers if we are doing an outdoors photoshoot. When you book a photoshoot with me I send a Session Guide which gives you lots of tips and recommendations, and work with you one on one to get the best look for you and your fam!

Let me break it down for you below, with my ideal photoshoot outfit tips below:

Kids : I know toddlers and young kids like to have a say in what they wear, so make sure you involve them in the decision making...whilst steering them to make a choice from your approved choices! If they are desperately in love with something like a Spiderman Costume or tutu, bring it along for some shots at the end!

  • Think nice, simple natural colours and cuts. Avoid too many frills around necklines because they will invariably end up covering their faces in half the photos
  • Rompers and overalls are cute on babies and keep things nice and simple and timeless. Khakis and a nice shirt or Henley shirt (long sleeved tee with buttons).
  • Give the girls a bit of a skirt to twirl with -and don't forget some bloomers or shorts underneath!
  • Cold kids are never keen for photos! Dress for the low temperature forecast, not the high. Bring warm layers like chunky knits, beanies and coats!

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The Guys

Men: Keep it simple and everyone will be happy!

  • Yes to Khakis, Jeans, khaki/jean shorts and a basic tee or shirt in simple earthy, natural colours.
  • Neutral coloured knits, a denim jacket or coat for cooler months
  • I would recommend steering clear of anything with big logos or pictures
  • Shoes or bare feet, there's something a bit unsettling about socks in photos!
  • Linen shirts, cotton tees, and even a bit of plaid can work (as long as there aren't too many other patterns happening on other people's outfits). Try to avoid too much blue, and go for a "floppy collared" shirt over a "business collar"

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The Ladies

Women: Mama's especially, I get it - I mostly live in jeans/tights too, but now is your chance to do something a little bit fun! Make sure you are comfortable and things fit well, don't have straps showing that will annoy you later, bring a hat for some of the shots too!

  • It's always fun to have a maxi/midi dress that has a skirt you can swirl around in, or a maxi skirt and top.
  • Jeans and a nice flowy top/ linen shirt/chunky knit works well too for a more casual vibe
  • My fave colours for the women are creams, khakis or sage green, mustard, rust, burgandy and a floral pattern in those afforementioned colours!
  • For my Maternity Shoots I have a range of dresses on offer, but feel free to mix it up - a bikini, a chunky coat over some underwear, jeans with the buttons open a little to accommodate your belly, a robe...nothing at all! - there are so many options and I'd love to chat it through.
  • Remember to take off anything that you might not want to see in the photos later - hair ties round the wrist, sunnies on the head, phones in the pockets and things like fitbits might annoy you in the years to come when you look at the photos.

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