A Maternity Photoshoot is such a special way to celebrate your pregnancy, and something you and your bubs will always treasure looking back on. From the big wow maternity gowns, to casual looks, to going nude and the best locations in Auckland for it- there are so many different vibes and ways to style your session, so check out some of my recommended looks below!

1) Go big or go home - with one of my show stopping gowns!

It’s so much fun to put on one of these bigger va va voom dresses and have a play around with it - especially if we are at one of those dramatic West Auckland beaches like Piha, Bethells or Muriwai for our Maternity photos.  If you’ve been feeling a bit blah about yourself during your pregnancy, I can guarantee we can make you look and feel amazing in one of these gowns.  Send me a message if you’d like to check out my full client wardrobe which you're welcome to borrow for your maternity shoot with me.

Quick takeaway: Check out the Goddess Gown, Boho Beach gown or Luxe Tulle gown in my client wardrobe

Pregnant woman and partner walking at Piha Beach for Maternity photoshoot
maternity photograph woman in dress at Bethells Beach, Auckland

2) A relaxed earthy/boho vibe with a more relaxed gown or set

These looks are perfect for a lower key boho vibe for your pregnancy photos, and look beautiful and timeless for an outdoor setting as well as in home.  Go off the shoulder with a bit of flow in the Hazel & Folk Emmaline dresses or a gorgeous rust tone of the Lapis Gown.  Creamy white tones make you pop out from the landscape, never go out of fashion and reflect beautiful light back into your face. Throw a denim or leather jacket over the top for a couple of photos, and some open up/unbutton so you can do some belly out shots without revealing too much else which is a great option if you’re not sure about getting your bump out :)

Quick takeaway:  Neutral/earthy toned simpler gowns will let your bump shine naturally and never go out of fashion! 

pregnant woman posing at Bethells beach for maternity photos
woman in boho maternity outfit at Bethells Beach Maternity photography session
Maternity photograph of woman posing at Mangawhai Beach

3) Keep it more casual in your own wardrobe

A great way to start off a pregnancy photoshoot, particularly if you are doing an in home photoshoot, or a more relaxed park location, is to wear something that you feel comfortable and natural in,  Wearing your own clothes can be great for shots with your partner and kids too, as everyone is on the same level! A really cool style for a maternity shoot is to wear a pair of distressed/relaxed fit jeans with the buttons down to show off that beautiful bump - you can wear this look with a bra or crop top, and then layer it with your favourite cardigan or linen type shirt for a gorgeous relaxed vibe. Another great look is your own choice of dress or maxi skirt and layer it with a cropped jersey, or an oversized jacket for an effortlessly cool look! 

Quick takeaway: Unbuttoned jeans with a crop and shirt!

Pregnant woman with family for Maternity photos at Cornwall Park, Auckland
pregnant woman hugging son at Piha Beach Auckland
pregnant woman in home maternity photoshoot with dogs

4) Natural beach babe vibes with underwear or a bikini

I think this look is absolutely beautiful, and such a lovely natural way to showcase your pregnancy.  Would you normally do a photoshoot in your bikini or underwear? - maybe not, but there is something just so beautiful about a pregnant woman, so I always encourage giving this a go!  I will help guide you into beautiful poses and capture all your gorgeous angles.  For the underwear sets, I recommend matching pieces - and you could either go for more of a lacy/fancier vibes or keep it nice and relaxed with something like a ribbed cotton set.  White/cream is always a favourite with clients, but browns, oliv/forest greens, rusty tones work beautifully in photographs too (same goes for bikini sets).  If you are nervous about going down to underwear/bikini I can help you pick a great private location, and check out some layering options below!

Quick Takeaway: Neutral toned matching bikini/underwear showcases your gorgeous pregnant self!

pregnant Woman in bikini and jacket for maternity photos at Muriwai
Pregnant woman maternity photos near rocks at Muriwai Beach Auckland
pregnancy photo with woman in bikini at Muriwai Beach

5) Layer it up with shirt/jacket/robes

The perfect way to start venturing into the underwear/bikini or even nude, is to start by layering an unbuttoned/open item over the top, and I especially love anything that might be a bit oversized or vintage looking!  This gives a gorgeous beachy vibe and looks very natural and relaxed in your photoshoot - some items you could layer include: linen shirts, Denim/suede/leather Jackets (I have a great oversized vintage Denim Jacket you’re welcome to borrow!), cardigans and robes. I have some items in my client wardrobe that would work well for layering too

Quick Takeaway: Ease yourself into underwear/nude photos with some oversized and relaxed fit layering

Pregnant woman standing in robe at Bethells beach
In home Auckland maternity session with robe cover up and belly showing
pregnant woman posing naturally at Bethells Beach for maternity photoshoot

6) Au Naturel/Nude Maternity Photos

You might decide you want to do some nude before you make your enquiry, or you might just see how you feel on the day and that’s totally fine! I will help make sure you feel comfortable and ready to go before we start on any nude shots, and you are welcome to just keep these photos to yourself.  I’ll help pose you so we get all the right angles without showing off private areas, and you can keep your breasts covered or show them, it’s really up to you.  Starting off with a layer on top like my gorgeous silky chiffon robe from my client wardrobe can be a good way to get started, and we normally don’t take more than 5 minutes to get the nude maternity photos.  Picking a quieter/more private location like the dunes at Bethells Beach or Riverhead Forest is great if you are feeling nervous. I promise you’ll never regret doing it! 

Quick Takeaway: Starting off with a layer and picking the right location can really help you feel comfortable with a Nude Maternity photoshoot. 

nude pregnant woman posing at cliffs on the beach
pregnant naked woman at Muriwai Beach
pregnant nude woman at Muriwai for maternity photoshoot