In these Covid times, getting photos of your newborn isn't the easiest, but with  the current Auckland alert levels we are now able to do distanced shoots outdoors. So, let's talk about outdoor Newborn sessions, and how to make the most of an outdoor newborn photography session.

1) Make sure everyone's comfortable and warm, especially baby!

Babies can get cold so easily, and if they aren't feeling snug and warm then that can be the end of your session pretty quickly. Now's the chance to get those gorgeous knit jumpers or body suits on baby (Jamie Kay, Nature Baby and Ziggy Lou have some gorgeous knits - check out my pinterest boards for ideas). Layer at least two layers (merino is great) underneath, and bring some cute booties and hats along too. For an outdoor session baby will need to be wearing clothes the entire time, and be wrapped for some of the session.

2) Embrace the 'Lifestyle' vibes

An outdoor session requires a very "lifestyle" approach - this means the majority of the photos will be of baby in parent's arms, and candid, natural shots. So while you're not going to get those unclothed, little sleeping curled up baby shots, you'll still get lots of lovely shots that are focused on baby. I also bring a basket that we can pop baby in for a few shots on their own. At the time of writing this, photographers are still required to socially distance for the photo shoot, so you will be responsible for wrapping baby and placing them in the basket, with direction from me in the sidelines.

3) Dress in subtle neutral tones & Textures

This will work perfectly with your beautiful natural surroundings, and ensure that you provide a lovely natural backdrop to the main star of the show, your baby. Neutral and earthy tones always look classic and timeless. Check out my Pinterest boards for the other family members, or get in touch to be sent my full Newborn Session Guide with outfit tips, and lots of other info. Also Mamas that are breastfeeding - it'll be easiest if you wear something that can easily unbutton or slip down if you need to give them a quick feed. I have a client closet with lots of lovely and breast feeding friendly gowns that you are welcome to use as part of your session at no extra charge.

4) Let the older siblings frolic & play

One of the greatest perks to outdoor photo sessions is that if you bring along warmly dressed and well fed older siblings, they will end up having a blast in their outdoor location. Let them run around, pick flowers, play chase with Dad and then we'll get them to pop in and out for some cuddles with their new siblings and the fam. An outdoor location is also great if you are wanting a sunset session, as the majority of them will be having such a great time they won't even notice it's their usual sleepy time!

5) Bring half the house with you

I kid, I kid - although actually it will probably feel a wee bit like that everytime you leave the house with a newborn anyway! Bring bottles if you're not breastfeeding, cloth wipes or a bib that you can use for any spit up that need to be wiped away, outfit changes, nappies and wipes, and a dummy/pacifier.

6) Choose a location that works for you

Get in touch and I can send you through my Location Guide which has all of my favourite photoshoot spots in Auckland. We can also chat about which spots have the best car parks, the shortest walks to the spot from the car, are a bit more sheltered, whether you can take prams and more.