8 Tips for an awesome Indoor Fam shoot!

To quote GOT, Winter is coming! So just wanted to give you guys a few tips on how to nail an indoor family shoot! Auckland weather can be so unpredictable - even the best forecast can change overnight, so an indoor family shoot is a great idea over these months. I love these shoots because they are a bit more 'fly on the wall' documentary style, everyone's a bit more relaxed - and you end up with pics of the kids exactly how you see them everyday, so it's a great way to capture real memories. SO read below for 8 great ideas for an at home, candid family shoot.

1) Read a book together

A great way for everyone to cuddle up and get close on the bed or couch, and you can let the kiddos pick their favourite books. It's a good chance to do silly voices and get some natural giggles out of them 

Family photos reading a book

2) Go a bit crazy

Think back to some of the things you might have done out of desperation in lockdown (if you were anything like me and didn't have a million craft activities planned).  Couch forts, obstacle courses, riding a bike inside, running and jumping onto the couch, superman hold (where you hold them up in the air balanced on your feet...not sure if that makes sense?!). The key here is lots of fun, and lots of movement.

Family in home shoot playing

3) Play a board game/lego/blocks

Get those little concentrating shots of the kids, and everyone can get a bit closer together again. Plus knocking over any towers or blocks etc can always be quite fun!

Auckland family photos at home

4) Make something in the kitchen

Get them a chair to stand on, and prepare for a little/lot of mess, plus some ingredients that go straight in the mouth - but these can make the shots! Biscuits (they could help decorate then), slime, playdough etc can all be fun. If it's a more complex recipe then maybe half make it and let them help at the end so we don't spend the whole time cooking. Aprons and chefs hats are welcome!

Family in home photo shoot baking

5) Crank out some tunes

Not expecting you to be Santana on the guitar or anything, but if you do have a guitar/piano then yes definitely break out a tune and let the kiddos get involved with dancing or banging along on the keys. Some maracas and a tamborine can be just as cute, and put their favourites tunes on in the background.

Family in home documentary photoshoot

6) Jump on the bed

Probably more them, then you, but stay close to avoid mishaps! We'll start off with some cute cuddles of everyone, and them reward/incentivise those shots with some raucous bed jumping at the end. You could get in for some crazy tickles at the end for some hysterical laughing shots too .

Family photos jumping on the bed

7) Let the kids come up with an activity

It's a great idea to get the kids involved in the planning as it helps build excitement for the shoot - you could even come up with a few ideas together and draw them out of the hat (this will allow you to subtly ditch anything too weird or unachievable haha) .

Auckland Family photos playing games

8) Head out into the Wild

Even if it's a bit damp out there, chuck on the gumboots and jackets and get outside and splash on some puddles, go and look at the raindrops in the trees on Dad's shoulders, Pick some flowers (dandelions are fine!), wipe down any play equipment and get active!

Auckland family photography playing outside

That's just a few thoughts on some activities you can do for a relaxed, in home session , and the best part is you can capture things that your family does together that might be unique just to you guys!