When I walk into your home for a newborn session, there are a few things I find that are already generally on your mind (both from my own experience as a Mama of 2, and from the many babies & Mamas that I've had the pleasure of photographing. So this blog is dedicated to the frequently asked questions, and even...the problems that you face when it's your time to put that snuggly newborn of yours in front of my camera

1) You're tired, like the most tired you have ever been in your life, and to be honest you probably wish that you didn't have to do this right now.

Look, I started with one that isn't even a question, maybe I'm tired too haha but - Yessss, I feel you, and a lot of the time I feel like these little people can sense that I'm coming and will somehow give you the most sleepless night of your life leading up to it. I'm here to try and make this as easy, relaxed and stress free as we possibly can. We let the baby lead the session - if they are awake, then let's do some shots with you and the fam in there. If they are looking sleepy, let me take them off your hands to do those baby only shots, and you go and have a cuppa and do nothing, with no one attached to you! We can take breaks whenever you, baby or hubby need to, that's why we have that extra time for a newborn session. Plus I'm on hand for baby snuggles, and here to make you look your absolute best in the photos, in a beautifully natural way.

natural newborn baby photographer auckland

2)The house does not look straight out of a magazine, especially right now, what should I do?

Yes, a pre children house is a very different thing, believe me I know. Here's the thing, your house does not need to be spotless from top to bottom - we will be shooting in 2-3 spots - your room (specifically looking towards your bed and by the window), your lounge (most likely on the couch/chair), and if baby has a room then we may do a few in there too. Then I set up a beanbag or basket on a section of the floor near a window with good light. If you have a spare room/garage/cupboard - shove anything you don't want in those views in there, and shut the door, ta da!. If you can, get your partner to vaccum at the end while you're in the shower/getting ready. Do not worry about the rest - we can move stuff as we go, I can help let you know if there's anything which might show up that we can shimmy out of the way. 

Newborn baby and mother auckland photographer
Newborn baby and Dad candid
relaxed family photo with baby and dog

3) But my house is so dark! Is that a problem?

 If you are worried about the amount of light in your house, then please let me know - I've never found a house I can't make work, but there might be a few tips I can give you to help us get the best result

close up newborn baby photographer auckland

4) There is no way my older kids will be able to sit still for a 3 hour session, I'm a bit worried about whether my toddler will let us get any photos with them in it!

I have an almost 4 year old, and I totally understand the limited window of time you have to get photos of the big bro or sis. The newborn session time is longer for a variety of reasons - mostly so that you have time to feed/change/settle your baby - Not because I will have a camera in your face, shooting away for 3 hours! The beauty of a longer session with the siblings, is that I also have time to have chats and a play with them, and they have time to get comfortable with me and the camera. Usually over the session, I'll aim to get 2-3 short stints (like 5-10 mins) with the older kids in the photos, and then release them to go and play, have a snack, watch something, or whatever they like to do for fun. I aim to keep things light, fun and don't mind a bit of chaos or a tantrum, it's totally normal! I definitely have a few tricks up my sleeve to get those shots I know you really want :)

newborn baby and sister auckland
newborn baby and sibling photograph in home
twin babies sleeping photo

5) What should I wear ?...AKA I have nothing to wear!

Breastfeeding friendly, stylish clothing still seems to be so hard to find! I do have a selection of maxi dresses which are nice and flowy, and perfect for being comfy and feeling your best in, so let me know if you would like to see what I've got on offer - no extra charge. Some of them are BF friendly, but you also could have a top or shirt ready if you want to feed in that - something like a linen shirt can work really well...(just wearing a nursing bra and tucking a throw around you if you want to) in the shots can look really beautiful and natural too. Once you book in I have a session guide which has lots of outfit tips and info for your newborn shoot.

natural newborn baby with new parents in home

6) What happens if my baby has milk spots/baby acne?

Most babies don't have flawless skin, and that's totally normal and lovely! If you are really concerned about it then I might ask to look at a photo, but generally we still go ahead with the shoot, as we want to catch them in that teeny tiny stage. I will usually do a tidy up/retouching of your baby's skin once you have selected your final images. This includes removing/smoothing over baby acne, scratches and excessive redness. If you want to keep things exactly as they are then that's great, just please let me know. If there are things like birth marks, 'stork bites', swelling from Ventouse etc, then lets have a chat and you can me know if you would like these touched up also.

auckland newborn baby photographer
newborn baby feet close up
newborn baby and mother unposed

7) What do you bring with you?

I bring a giant bean bag, which I cover with a range of blankets and do the snuggly, neutral toned baby only shots on. I bring a variety of wraps and muslins which I use to wrap around your clothed/unclothed baby, and for layering underneath. I have a selection of headbands/floral tiebacks and hats. I do have a small number of clothing items for Bubs, but I usually get you to provide the main clothing for your baby.  If you see something in my photos that you love, let me know and I can tell you if it's one of my items.

natural baby photograph relaxed

8) What should I dress my baby in?

Cream and neutral, earthy toned colours look nice, something plain or with a subtle pattern that is short sleeved and legless is good so we can get some shots of the teeny feet - Nature Baby Pointelle or Kimono Onesies, or Jamie Kay ribbed bodysuits look great as an example! Feel free to have a few options available and we can decide together! I will often get you to remove bub's outfits and just keep the nappy on, and then we will do some nice natural wrapped shots with some of my wraps too - so it's important to keep things nice and warm.

newborn baby wrapped in basket
outdoor newborn baby basket
newborn baby unposed on bed

9) Do I have to be in the photos?

You don't have to be in them. I know lots of people don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, or might have had a bad experience in the past. But, I would love it if, instead of a hard no, you could be open to the idea of thinking about it. I know you aren't feeling your best, your body hasn't just popped back to pre baby weight, you're so tired and not feeling like you - But I also know that your baby will be this tiny for the smallest amount of time you could ever imagine, and that one day you might look back and wish that you had just one photo of you holding that impossibly small little thing you made. I promise I can get you natural, unposed, relaxed photos (and get them quickly!) of you looking down at your baby that you will love, and you know what, if you don't love them, then you just don't pick them as part of your package, no harm done. There are also lovely ways of incorporating you into the photos with your hands, or just them cuddled into your chest which is a lovely way to have you in there, without your face in too. Let's chat x

candid unposed baby and family

10) Which of your newborn packages is right for me?

SO there are two newborn packages I offer - the Mini, and the Complete...

The Mini: Up to a 1.5 hour session time, with 15 digital images. This one can work well if you are on a budget - it generally allows time for more of a lifestyle session - which means photos of bubs in your arms, on the bed, with the family. There is generally less of a chance that we can get the asleep curly shots of baby in a wrap on the beanbag, or in the basket with this one, so if this is something you really want then I suggest you go for the Complete session. The Mini can work well for older babies too, as generally (although not always!) a lifestyle type session will work best for the older bubs.

The Complete: This gives us up to 3 hours for the session time, 20 digital images and one professionally printed and matted 5x7 images. This is my most popular package, and what I would recommend to most parents . Remember that it doesn't mean we will be shooting for 3 hours, it means you will have time for multiple feeds, changes and resettling of baby. It means we will get the best chance to get the family/sibling/just mum/just Dad and baby shots, as well as the precious photos of just baby alone on the beanbag, and in a basket set up. You'll be surprised at how quickly this time can go, but we'll be able to capture so many beautiful shots for you to pick from over this time.

natural neutral newborn family photograph
newborn auckland photographer family relaxed
newborn photo auckland natural

That's all for now guys, and I am so happy to answer any other questions you might have - so get in touch or make a booking. My newborn photography style is all about getting natural, real moments, and beautiful shots of your baby that don't feel staged or uncomfortable. They have texture, warmth and connection in them, so if that sounds like something you are after then I'd love to chat!