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An HW Photography Family Shoot!

Getting photos or portraits of your family can seem like a daunting task, trust me, as the Mum of a 5 month old and an almost 3 year old...I understand. Here are some of the most common questions (or I guess, concerns), about getting the 'perfect' family portrait, and a bit of an idea of how a HWP Family Photoshoot runs! Check out my most recent fam shoot below!

I don't know what we should all wear!

That's where I can totally help - the outfits can be a big part of bringing the whole look and cohesiveness of the portraits together. I have a guide with tips and tricks on getting the best look for everyone. As a guideline, you don't all need to be wearing white or full denim :D, but a complementary colour palette, like earthy tones can look great. Stay away from anything with large brands or writing across the clothes, and anything too patterny - but a bit of floral or a flannel shirt can still work. I love to look at your options and help with suggestions, and I find a complementary blanket that works with your looks for the shoot itself

My kids won't behave/sit still/listen (/everything that every single kid out there is like from time to time)

Ummm same here! Show me those perfect children that sit quietly, follow every instruction and produce natural smiles on demand...because I'm pretty sure they don't exist. But that's the magic of kids, and I believe that a family shoot should capture their personalities, the craziness and chaos and the realness of the moment. Here are some of my 'strategies'..

  • I tell jokes, sing songs (can do a mean Paw Patrol or PJ Masks, and take requests), run around like a headless chicken, dance, make fart noises etc etc. And just on this, if there is something that you know will get the giggles out of the kids then let me know before hand. I have no shame haha.

  • We take breaks. If sitting on a blanket gets less fun, then we get up and run around, or walk around, or get piggy backed or thrown up into the air. We can stop for a snack, that's why we have this time, not every second needs to be actually shooting

  • You get involved. You will likely be required to stand behind me and make silly faces/noises and potentially dance moves. On a positive note, I won't actually be able to see you, so go nuts back there.

  • They get involved - they get to have a look at their pic on the back of the camera, they get to direct you and your partner in a pose and shout lots of super helpful instructions to you, or they get to pick the word to shout instead of cheese

  • Mix up some silliness in the shoot - let them do a crazy face one, they might just end up being your faves!

Ok, but they definitely won't sit perfectly and smile at the camera, believe me

  • I hear you, and we will usually get 1 or 2 of these during the shoot by some sort of magic...but my favourites (and hopefully yours too, as this is my style of photography!) are the ones where you are engaging with each other, having a laugh, someones tackling someone, someones whispering something in Mum's ear, and you are one giant pile of hugs. I'm a lifestyle photographer, which means I love candid, natural moments where you can look back and remember just how cheeky and loveable they were before they suddenly got older before your eyes.

I just want some nice photos of the kids

Absolutely! Kiddos are the priority if that's what you are looking for...but unless you have a really strong feeling against it, I'm going to be getting you guys in for at least a handful of them! Even if you aren't feeling your most photogenic (Erm good excuse for a new outfit), I can guarantee you won't regret having these as options. Mums suffer from chronic 'never being in a good photo' syndrome, through no fault of their own. They are the capturers of moments which is great, but we need to get you in the shots too Mama! Your kids will one day look back on these photos with you and be so happy to see you in there too x

I have more questions!

Great - let's see if I can help. Head to the Contact page and ask me whatever you'd like :)

Hannah Webb Photography - Auckland, NZ - Hannahwebbphotography@gmail.com - 027-706-8182

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